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Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda: Episode 5

One of the animes that I have been watching recently is the on-going series: Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me).

For those who doesn’t know, it’s a story about Serinuma Kae, a fat fujoshi (sorry for being straightforward but yeah). She suddenly got a verrrryyyy good figure when her favorite character died. She “fasted” for a week, giving her the slim figure. Since then, guys who don’t notice her at first seemed to like her (Igurashi, Nana, and Shinomiya)


Except for Mutsumi-senpai ❤ (YES I AM TEAM SENPAI) and Nishina.


So for this week’s episode, Kae got fat again because she ate all the failed chocolates she made. She really gets fat and slim easily (HOW TO BE YOU).

idk fam, I’m really into shoujo and hopeless romantic stuff. So I believe that personality > looks. And that is why I dislike Igurashi, Nana, and Shinomiya (especially the last two).


As expected, Nana and Shinomiya made their moves, and even pushed Kae to her limits just to get her back in shape. Even though Nishina, Mutsumi and Igurashi are telling them to slow down, they won’t.

Welp, I do hope they will get enlightened someday, like what Igurashi had experienced. lololol.


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